KRB Investments


At KRB Farms our goal is to produce top quality cows and heifers that perform for the commercial cattleman. Through years of selection and crossbreeding, we have come up with a cow herd that represents what the industry is looking for.

We have basically 3 herds, a purebred Red Brangus, purebred Black Angus, and a commercial crossbred.




Through AI and our bull battery, we pick top genetics for these cows such as:

  • CX Mr. Payloads Meathouse (Red Brangus)
  • CX Dominator  (Red Brangus)
  • CX Legend (Red Brangus)
  • Connealy Consensus (Angus)
  • SF Commando (Angus)
  • 10 Speed (Angus)
  • 10X (Angus)


We have AI bred heifers available every spring to calve in 60-90 days as well as spring calving pairs and bred cows available at all times.  Although we are not in the “registered” business anymore, we still maintain a group of Red Brangus and Angus as purebred we leave the bull calves intact to raise high-quality purebred bulls for the commercial cattleman.

We participate in organized sales annually, but every day is “sale day” where we offer bulls, cows, bred heifers, and calves for sale.