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Quality Coastal Hay For Sale

Over 1,600 acres of pastures are cultivated with a combination of common and coastal grasses, as well as cool season perennials such as Oats and Ryegrass. Our fields are routinely treated with the best quality EPA approved materials for maximum weed control and reduced waste.

Access to various fertilizer materials offers KRB the capability to maximize forage production with adequate rainfall. By using a rotational grazing system, KRB can balance the nutritional needs of their cattle while utilizing the available forage without stressing the land. Our hay is cut on a 28-day rotation, to ensure high-quality hay that yields better protein for the livestock.

KRB stores its hay inside barns to ensure proper retention and no loss due to inclement weather. Our hay is great for horses or cattle. In addition to traditional dry hay, KRB produces haylage, baling and wrapping the cutting at approximately 50% moisture to produce forage with 18-20% crude protein. This process offers the maximum nutritional availability of the forage for an extended time and reduces waste.


Square bales and round bales of quality coastal hay are available for sale.  


For more information, contact

430-222-3310 (office) or

903-563-1533 (Ranch Manager).

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Office: 430-222-3310

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